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Suzy K's energy is filled with electrifying elements that stir the soul.

Through her powerful yet restrained voice, she allows us to soar into a higher realm of presence. Her music takes and transports the listener away into their abandoned self and beyond- A place that we seldom go unless someone steers the path. Suzy K does just that: She takes us on a musical journey into a world of pure enchantment.

A veteran in Adult Contemporary pop music, Suzy K has worked with industry pros: Rob Hoffman and Heather Holley of Elicit Productions (the songwriting & production team behind pop superstar Christina Aguilera), Bob Parr (Deep Blue Something, Patty Cabrerra), and Kim Bullard (Goo Goo Dolls, Jennifer Paige, and for the past 3 years, the keyboard player for Sir Elton John). The collaborations transformed into a few chart-topping hits that also led to creating her pop C.D., Circle, a top-charting dance mix with the same title.

After her success, Suzy K took time off to raise her three boys, enjoy a happy family life, and being a part of the fabric of her community. Suzy raises awareness in the importance of education for all by having a Children's Class and an Adult Awareness Class once a week. Giving back to the community, along with her family, have kept her active and busy for the past several years.

Suzy K is ready to create...

With a bit more time on her hands, Suzy K is ready to create a series of International Lullabies that have been stirring in her heart for quite some time. As Suzy says, "the idea is now ready to manifest". Since science proves that we are all connected, then why not work on awakening humanity to believe and understand that truth. How wonderful would it be for me to create that through my music and even more so, for the listening ears of wide-eyed and innocent children!" She still hasn't changed her reason for singing... It's still to transform the hearts of young and old, through the power of song, into one heart... "I tell the kids in my Children's Class that we are All the Flowers of One Garden. How diverse and rich are these batch of flowers!"

Get ready for the second round with Suzy K...